About Us

What is La Fête Gita

La Fête Gita is a festival celebrating the rich cultural heritage and wisdom of Vedic texts. India has been the world’s capital for cultural and traditional ethos for several centuries. Its diverse heritage stands as a tall edifice of its rich and glorious history, gleaming a sense of pride in every Indian’s heart.  

This event celebrating India, provides an open platform for the holistic expression of talent besides bringing together youngsters of corporate and educational institutions to celebrate creativity, innovation and sportsmanship and thus embrace real happiness and peace.

We are therefore trying to give human society the opportunity for a life of happiness, good health, peace of mind and all good qualities through God consciousness.
– Srila Prabhupada 

Our Inspiration

Srila Prabhupada
(Founder-Acharya International Society of Krishna Conciousness)

Our Mission

In today’s world, we hardly find anyone relishing life’s beauty. All are struggling to keep pace with life’s journey. In such situations, we look for some hope and inspiration to continue the race. We need peace for heart and mind. This tranquillity lies in unravelling the spiritual wisdom and not decrypting materialistic pleasures.

A perfect epitome of this spiritual and placid source of subsistence lies in the Bhagavad gita. Several glorified icons like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Abdul Kalam, Ralph Waldo Emerson and others have drawn their source of inspiration from the  gita to lead the world towards peace and happiness.

If more and more people are inspired by the gita, then it surely will result in a better society. Hence we expect your support and participation in this virtuous event.

About Bhagvat- Gita

The Gita helps us in introspection. It guides us to plunge deep into our own souls in order to understand and embrace ourselves. It throws light on true happiness which quenches the thirst of the soul. It help humans to look above transient happiness and de-spirited emotions.
The Gita helps us in understanding the true value and purpose of life. It helps us to move forward in an idealistic zone. It detaches us from trivial emotions which contaminates our conscience.
Recently, a group of doctors and researchers from Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad have discovered hymns mentioned in Bhagavad gita which can heal diabetes.
Hence, we should also try to fetch some nuggets of wisdom from the gita in order to adorn our life with tranquillity.

Our Associates

The Akshaya Patra Foundation

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation headquartered in Bengaluru, India. The organisation strives to eliminate classroom hunger by implementing the Mid-Day Meal Scheme in the government schools and government-aided schools. Alongside, Akshaya Patra also aims at countering malnutrition and supporting the right to education of socio-economically disadvantaged children.

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AIKYA – United to Serve

Through the social enterprise program, AIKYA invests in youth who show potential to grow into effective and humane leaders of society, who will be committed to tackle some of today’s greatest social challenges and will deliver sustainable social impact. AIKYA believe training leaders is the most effective strategy to solve complex social problems and achieve meaningful results in community development.

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